Band from Houston, Texas

Check out a video from our last performance @ Mangos! I love it when the crowd sings along :)

apatheticpassion asked: You guys sound great. Any upcoming shows?

Thanks! We have a show coming up on Jan. 25th @ Avant Garden and we’ll be playing with some really awesome bands. You should check them out too.. Sunrise & Ammunition, Cleanup, and Hoffle Stoff Awaffogus.

excuseMesir - Lizards - With You In Mind (EP)

excuseMesir- The Boarderers (Live @ GardenFest 2012)

NEW EP! 'With You In Mind' by excuseMesir

We’re so happy to finally release our newest EP entitled “With You In Mind.” Thanks to everyone who helped us out along the way and gave us their constant support. We love all of you. :)


excuseMesir for “Best New Act”

Siren Song for “Best Song”

Hayden Wander for “Best Male Vocals” & ”Best Bassist”


We’re so happy to have made it this far so we would greatly appreciate all of your support by voting for us!